Fun & Retardedness comes tgt :D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post SA Exam

Wow its been reali long since I blogged..
Well, SA just finished.. well not reali JUST, more like 2weeks ago.
Gotten back results alr and they suck :(

the postive side would be that the bad results will hopefully stimulate me to work hard from nw..
the negative side is that i kinda lose confidence/hope that i cn do well.. Its like u worked hard, but the results dont show..

Oh wells, got to go back to work.. tmr is a short sch day + no cca tmr so must make full use of the extra time !

Anyways, fairytales are FULL of loopholes..

if there is OPEN SESAME, shuldnt there be CLOSED SESAME?
How come all of cinderella's clothes n everything changed back except for the glass shoes?
Why would the prince be in the right mind to kiss a dead person (in snow white)?

the list goes on..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow yet another week has passed. Haiz If i still dun buck up, im so dead. Barely completing homework and this SHOULDNT be the case.
Work hard Olivia! U SLACKER!

2010 hasnt been exactly fun D:
Hate the screwed up feeling, no matter how long it last. the process of getting over it sucks. Why do i always screw up frequently.. why.. crashing emotions.

Set your sights further, open your ears to listen & search deep in your heart for the answers you want.

Its hard to do the right thing. God give me the strength to act and think right.. Cause I cnt do it on my own. I wanna reflect God's grace & mercy. But its hard when human feelings take over.

We are the world. We are the children.

Friday, February 19, 2010

EWWW. Cnt believe up til NOW ure STILL the nightmare of my reality.

Ok got to erase everything. .

Oh wells CNY is over alr, in a blink of an eye. It was great slacking from fri-mon :D

Ytd went out to celeb Lainnee's Bdae :DDDDDD Never regret going out w the matas, SUPERB. Haha Whole night filled with an Aura of BUANGNESS.
Watched percy Jackson & the lightning thief. Not bad.. the quest adventure etc, got some hilarious jokes. Watching it w lainne on my right and nina on my left makes the whole show even more funny..

Reached home at 11+ then did homework (lucky nt alot) till 12.30am.. thn SLeep ZzzzZz

Today.. was normal, short friday as usual.. thank god its friday :D then mon will come again :( worst part is on thurs we juz had mon timetable & now we're gona have another mon :(( Now i know wad it means to have Monday Blues..

Monday, February 8, 2010

Always Be Optimistic cause nothing is too big to handle :D if it happens to u means it cn happen to any1 else..

Woo today went to see doc for my skin , $55 OUCH! exp .. hope after 1 month will b ok.
i got cream for my cracking brown patches on my mouth there
Quite pathetic my case nw. but look in the mirror still will smile. cuz i wanna rmb my face as a happy face. Any1 can give u a sad face but nt urself :D U cn always count on urself to hav a smiling face.

Thanks Jiun for all the help , answering my ques on the doc & everything !
Dont count ur frends, make ur frends count-*hopefully they like maths. Ok lame..ZOom~~ :D (inspired frm : dont count ur days, make your days count)

Ok I havnt start work.. 11.28pm liaos. Ok Buaiz.!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010.. hmm..
New yr resolution would be... (its a little late but oh wells..)
Work hard so as to play hard nxt yr (or end of As)
Treasure frendships. Nv take any frendship for granted
Love my family more thru actions
Grow spiritually, do QT regularly!

Hate it when my face outbreaks pimples. Nv tot this day would come.. But its been a month liao. Gona see a doc that Jiun intro.. 18yrs old start outbreak! T_T

Cny.. no new clothes for cny .. so cny becomes coy (chinese old yr)

EEEE nxt week so many tests.. no time to shop . got to go study~ Nxt week cny!! THEN back to studying~~ WOO PSYCHO URSELF: U LOVE STUDYING! IT ROCKS!! YEAH!! POSITIVE POSITIVE~!

After rain comes sunshine :D rainbow!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Life isnt all about having fun..

Haiz im reali losing track of bio and i better better buck up.. So lost now..
Well havent even start work. I feel like such a slacker.. Going off liao~

Hopefully tmr will be a better day.. Becuz hope is all we have.

Just some quotes;;;;

A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.

You may regret your silence once, but you will regret your words often.
This is something i reali got to learn.. Dun say things tat u'll regret later..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wooo so fast, 1st week of sch has passed.. for me i tink it was pretty okay, nt v taxing. Cn even sleep at 12.30am..
I guess nxt week will b more crazy cuz of tests and everything gearing up..
Arghh im still in hol mood, brain not starting to get serious n do work.. Everytime wanna do work then like v tired.. Sumore im in kinda shopping mood..

Anyways ytd went w ally, ran 6rounds stadium to prepare for PE diagnostic test on mon.. also: went gym.. for the 1st time! (excluding-in sch cn go visit the gym for a while)
Can feel the muscles aching.. nice! Wanna go gym more frequently..

I tink i wont be updating so often nowadays.. seldom use the com 2.. spend most of my time on tv..

Thats all for nw..

When you look back, u'll realise how silly u were. But for now, u cnt see the end of the tunnel..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Update on recent stuff:

Last Tues went out w Ben,Marcus,Ally,Becky to Island Creamery!

We manage to find the place, wasnt as bad as I thought. haha
We ate mudpie (i didnt noe mudpie was made of ice cream.. lol)
After that every1 very full but i still bought double scoop (1 teh terik, 1 hm.. I cnt rmb suddenly..LOL nvm)

After that we went home

Last Fri went out w Becky & Ally to shop at orchard there, was normal, fun etc.. THEN, I got a shock when I saw Ben & Marcus sitting at YaKun.. Then I realise it was a bdae celebration for me. Haha so NICE!

I got a transformers mask (bumble bee) from them too! havnt got chance to play w it yet

We went novena to play e rockband thing but it was closed that day(SO SUAY)
But nvm, we will arrange outing to play it soon XD

Well wont be updating soon, going Myanmar for Mission Trip 16-23Dec
Im sure it'll be fun but the nightmare starts when im back & there's a pile of hw waiting for me )):

Ok! Gotta do some last min packing & Sleep early. Tmr's flight is at 12+ . Nid to wake up at 7?! Need to be at e airport at 10am.

ARGH got a haircut todae cuz very hot nowadays, but it was a mistake.. The hairdresser go cut until my fringe is like.. horrible to me. Very shot & funny! Lucky no sch or ppl will laugh.. Duno hw to survive during the trip.. Maybe juz wear a hat forever.

Ok.. till nxt time! BB

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jesse McCartney - Body Language [NEW FULL VERSION]

Best Hokkien Mee?

Hey ya'll!
So as mentioned, on monday night my family ate at beach road w bry's family.
Well.. im no food critic so i duno whether its e best in sg but its DEFINITELY on my list for the Top Hokkien Mee :D In fact, i tink its e best for me.

After e hokkien mee we even ate chocolate fondue w fruits, marshmellow, waffle(v nice).

haha nw tis is sounding lik a food blog.. :O

Yup so for nw this will be my blog & blogskin.. Too lazy to find a nicer blogskin so this will do 4 nw..

*i hav a feeling that ppl will only "discover" i move blog in like... a year or so? :O! *

ARGH! Kicked into a chair & the healing wound on my pinky toe peel open.. blood rushed out, i walked around e hse & realise there were dots of blood arnd.. OUCH IT HURTS.

Going Shopping this Fri, hopefully i cn wear shoes properly :/

Well, got to get back to Chem hol hw.. its alr 3.10am!
Hoping to chiong finish b4 I leave on Wed..


extra: my 2 younger sisters pronounce Chaos as Charles.. Got me puzzled when my sis was lookin for "Cave Chaos"in miniclip & I tot it was Cave Charles..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hokkien Mee :D

just ate hokkien mee for dinner .. Hokkien Mee is the only food that my WHOLE family eats. normally we have at least 2 kind of food cuz some1 doesnt like 1 of it..

tmr my family going to eat dinner w bry's family . It is said to be the BEST HOKKIEN MEE... so we're gona try it out :DDD

Words of wisdom for e day: Anticipation only brings about diappointment

im left puzzled, like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle


haha todae i finalli confirmed where i got my retardedness from..

when im w my frends maybe i seem alittle over retarded... but at home.. I realise every1 arnd me is like THAT! haha esp my 2nd sis.. Its reali cool & fun when we cn hang out . and by hang out i mean sitting down watching tv.. cuz we do most of our retarded & funny stuffs during tv time..

Todae while my sisters were part of a skit rehearsal (as pigs).. my dad & 2nd sis.. pretended to use guns and SHOOT them down.. totali wad i will do if i wasnt busy taking picture of their retarded actions. After taking pictures, the weapon of my choice was... a canon kind of weapon.. LOL! flamethrower will be nice 2.. then we''ll hav roasted pig..

yup... my funny noise making & funny faces comes frm both my parents..esp my dad... totalli..

haha but im nt complaining :DD immm loving it!


Woots! with a blink of eye.. JC1 is over already & its holidays!!
Im promoted XD! Managed to endure the promos.. it was a crazy period.. cnt imagine hw A lvl will be like :(((

ohh wells, 1week of hol passed & everyday has been TV TV & more TV.. a little homework(maths),some housework,gng to century sq for 3days to help a charity booth..
keep tellin myself to make sure i do stuff that i want during this hols b4 sch starts and i start regretting..

yep pretty sure nxt yr i wont hav much free time to go out alr, so lucky i went out w the MATA girls for WT's bdae :)) it was reali fun & retarded as usual..
haha we even managed to "force"our way thru & be the last people to take pics w ASTRO BOY.. Every1 was super paiseh.. the crowd was lookin at us ..

note to self: do ur hol hw!

left 1 more week to do my hw b4 i go off to myanmar for mission trip on 16-23dec..

Ok Byes for nw!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh tmr official OP~~!! Wad we've been preparing for 2weeks.. HOPE IT'll turn out FIne!

Good luck every1!

TODAY went to Gab house to do PW OP pract
2-4+ NEVER do anything EXCEPT:
  • Eat nuggets -Fried by Gab's maid, SUPER NICE. Today me & ally learned sumthing, 2 cook nuggets, DO NOT toast in Oven BUT to FRY in oil..
  • Eat up his whole bar of calbury chocolate - SUPER nice. its the 1 w strawberry inside
  • Play left 4 dead 2
  • Pract abit of OP but was mostly crapping
  • Play drum
  • Play w his tiny soccer ball

After azam left

  • We pract OP for about 4-5times -While practicing, we were making alot of jokes & laughing at ea other..
  • Try his EXPIRED chocolate truffle & observe whether e white stuffs were mould..
  • Eat his jellybeans
  • Did alot of crap
  • Play sumore drum a.k.a Making noise

Be4 leaving we check his fridge for the brand of nuggets e maid used. Gab's dad kindly drove us to the busstop

OH after tmr's OP, PW is finally Over! PW sucks but the experience is reali great
I will miss my PW days! Like going to e airport, buying milktea, facing funny & unique PW mates
I will always rmb my PW days. esp all the funny moments that i've enjoyed

After PW, me & ally went to hougang mall (or actuali KANGKAR MALL) , then spent like ... 1hr in NTUC.. I bought stuff until $30.75! T_T NTUC ... Ally bought until $13+
Then collected free small fries & iced latte frm Macdonalds
Headed home. reached home at 9+ n ate dinner (supper alr)

im so glad things that shuld b said are said, the past is history :)
i'll always treasure e moments
God is so amazing, i thank him for everything

Friday, October 30, 2009

hate it when im emotional.. HATE it when i hurt/be rude

so not true that i have no sad or irritatable (is the spelling correcT?) moments..

I guess i juz hate "announcing" my sadness/unhappy moments .
By the time i get to post, sadness/unhappiness already kinda faded..
its easier to find out stuff from me than reading my blog which contains barely anything.. lolxxx

todae isnt exactly a good day.

didnt mean to be rude to my grandma ... :(

already fine .

oh ya almost forgot wads the other unlucky stuf that happened..
my mom placed a tray of freshly baked lagsanar (spelling wrong i tink..) on top of the ... argh duno wad is it called.. The knob to switch on the fire. Then she panicked, and signal my sis harriet to take the muffin glove.. Then i turn arnd, without tinking, use my hand to lift the tray.

Obvious.. OUCH! Duno how many degrees the tray was.. Now my thumb and index finger on my right hand has small bubbles.. Not too serious though.. Lucky its right hand.. tmr got theory exam, nid to use my left hand to write. thank god :)
juz hope no infection/scar.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Funny antismoking commercial

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Funny Thai ads: Your Love? Hero? or?


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday went to play badminton as said.. Wa 2hrs straight (of course w some breaks here and there) Now right arm still aching.. can feel the muscle building up...

Sat -

Went out w Jas & Amily & Jas's Friend, Nick
Jas ah, nv tell me Nick coming until we reach.. haha sneaky!!

Was at Bugis from 1-8+, 1-6+ shopping, then eat at Hip Diner USA .. Got this 1 for 1 offer,
Ordered a main course (Hip Rooster-Chicken & mash potato w mushroom sauce) and CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE ($5.50). In the end i paid $16.50

The chocolate milkshake was like melted chocolate ice cream.. super thick and nice..
not to mention FATTENING.

Then we asked Nick to help us buy alcoholic drink.. Wanted to try Breezer but bought this Blueberry Vodka drink.. 8% alcohol only, shared w Jas and Amily , $5.70. Nick bought the raspberry flavour.

We wanted to drink at some place where got more atmosphere so we walked along orchard, then took some pics at the National Library (Pictures all in FB)
So embarrassing when we take pic w the alcohol bottles, then ppl keep walkin past...

We sat at some place where we nv see b4.. so sua ku!! Got 1 very nice church, but every1 was wondering why around the church are all the restaurants, pub kind.. The church got ppl getting married, the environment super nice! peeked inside.. even flip their wedding album placed outside (HAHA KAY PO)

After drinking my throat and stomache like burning, then very hot, sweating.. So we walked around raffles city to cool down.. The drink was not bad la, like bluerry flavour in the beginning then like red wine , KU KU 1.
Then nick say he hungry AGAIN so he go burger king eat while we talked and took some photos..

finally left at 10+, reached home 11.17+pm... So tired! slept at 12.30pm

Tmr going Gab's house to do PW..

Tues going to watch night movie (not exactly very NIGHT, 6+).. Surrogates I tink..

Wed SCHOOL STARTS AGAIN :( :( :( :( :( :(
and more

Hope everyone's doing fine & enjoying their END OF PROMOS!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another funny thai ad(cheers)

retarded.. haha

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ti..ti ..ti.. ti...titanic

Drink Driving - Thai Style!!

林峰 advertising for Ali Cafe in English!!!

haha i tink his eng here alr not bad.. Have yet to try Alicafe..


PROMOS is finally over..

Hmm.. the feeling is relaxed but not reali reali super significant, juz abit not used to NOT-STUDYING... But onli cn relax for maybe... 3days?? then muz start WR .. but lucky no hw alr.. so will be quite relaxed..

Haha aLL the formulas and stuff are still spinning in my heaD.. Trying to push them back into a corner..

Last night slept at 3+ so supppperrr sleepy... gonna catch up w all the sleep i lost!!!!!!!!!! haha
Tmr going to play badminton w becky,marcus,ben,weilin,gab,daryl... so gonna sleep soon.. 10.30pm.. wow.. duno whether will fall asleep..

When i have promos, i keep looking forward to it ending and all the stuff i will be doing
when it finally ended, i look my to-do list and alr very sian and lazy.. haha
some of the stuff i felt like doing during promos:

1. Go arcade
2. Watch Movie/Pool
4. Chalet/Stay over
5. Watch dramas
6. Play Com
8. Exercise
10. Chat/Msn
11. Download musics
12. Bake?
13. Pop Popcorns w Hp
14. Learn beatboxing??
15. Play piano??
16. Facebook

Guide to understanding Miss World Singapore Ris Low!

WA... reali cnt believe Singapore is represented by her X( how she win ah.. aiyo.. give up..judges FAIL

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thai Road Safety Ad

thai bubble gum ad

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yesterday sucks!!! Literally...

3hrs of Econs on a sat.. Was dyin from information overload.. But at least got learn sum stuff, realise my market failure REALI failure..

sian.. how to carry on sia..
Ok going back to work.. Falling sick.. sorethroat and headache. WHY MUZ IT BE NOW?! ARGH. :/

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Woots.. Tmr is Public Holiday! Can have more time to study (& slack) haha wad an irony :(
So suffocated that a little time more helps...Only can blame myself for slacking. procrasinating, watching tv and using com..

Currently , doing maths and pw...
Tmr maybe go eat YA KUN kaya wif my sisters for breakfast...
Yummm.. few hrs time.. since now alr 1.50am..

Long long time no update, but who is reali reading anyway? haha

Always have loads of things on my mind that i wanna write/blog but when i open blogspot, my mind turns all blank...
Cant wait for promos to end, but oso very scared if it comes to fast.. Keep dreaming about wad i cn do after promos but then got a lvl chi and pw.. but neways, it'll still be much more relaxed.. Juz 3hrs of pw and 3hrs of chi everyday.. (ONLI... T_T) Ok enuf complaining.. Back to maths..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I realise, u cnt please every1. Recently got quite a no. of blogs talkin bout friendship.. I guess, friendships are part of our life, for some, the MAIN part of our life..

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Feeling a little depressed nw, but i tink it'll all be better whn my mind clears. I hope it'll b soon.. Like tmr? Idun wanna b emo in front of ppl.

Trials are for you to learn and grow.. BE STRONG!! Dun nid care someone's opinion or actions.. Just do wad's right.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I had a bad Day

Oh man, woke up in the morning and then found out that i nv BATH OR BRUSH TEETH!.. Sorry for being unhygenic.. BUT nt purposely 1..
DUNo wad happened, nxt min i was on my bed.. Like sleepwalkin like that... Then nv pack my bag, so nv bring bio notes.. and and.. haiz..


Haha tmr going to japanese cemetery, BET alot of u duno singapore hav a place like this right?? Bought $8 worth of snacks.. LOL! and nutella bread for tmr.. So excited, like little girl going for field trip.. BUt everytime field trip i oso very happy..

I HOPPE Tmr will be a better day..

TMR's problem leave it to tmr to settle..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It really Sucks

haha this was found by my dad.. AND "it really sucks" hahaha funny ..
juz like... better nt say, later tio sued.. haha but juz alittle disappointed.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whooooo.. long time no post alr.. Keep wanting to post but forget.. Oso nth much to say AS usual..
haha wow time flies like a rocket, bu zhi bu jue.. alr 8months ...
Haha did u guys hear the Cantonese Reflection? its nice!!!
oh ya, yesterdday my sch celebrated ND and it was overall fun!/ fun overall!
Only that standing in the field doing QI GONG and Dance wasnt very fun cuz it was super warm! Some pics I uploaded on fb, but mostly are wif friend's cam so.. go fb see

Oh ya, last sat's family day was fun,but alittle boring for the stall owners cuz keep doin the same thing.. like time the ppl for the marble thing.. But it was enjoyable, played wif little Isaac!! Haha he's the ultimate camera avoider..

I got to learn to learn frm my mistakes

影中我 (Reflections- Cantonese Pop)

WOW its so nice man.. Haha now got 4 versions of Reflection..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

everyone has their own battle to fight..
My heart feels quite heavy.. I duno wad to feel nw cuz I noe tats gonna change in a blink of an eye.. knowing me, next day I will tink more postively/something again.. then forgot why I felt that way.. So nid to type it down.

Tmr will be a better day, or will it?

Too many things juz happening, too many feelings at a time. I miss the times where every1 were simple and juz hav fun

Dont worry Im nt emo now, juz tinking about some stuff. I guess nw then i realise everything got cause and effect, dun tink its a good experience alr.

Sometimes U wish to know something but when u noe it, U may juz regret knowing it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haha today was another laugh-ilarious day.. at sch as usual..
Currently into: Facebook's QUIZES and Typing maniac.. WAhahaha crazy alr..

haha the joke for todae.. at home..
If u hav tried my 1st quiz on facebook, u will see this ques:

10) What show do i watch normally during 7-8?

haha guess wad my youngest sister said?

she said: "Huh!!! 7-8 yrs old?? I HAVENT EVEN BORN YET..."

L.O.L haha every1 heard alr then laughed..

Oh ya! my quiz hor.. why like every1 (mostly sec sch frends) say I like Children Books

haha Alicia u muz b careful hor.. typing maniac too addictive then now become a tool for betting and crazy punishments..

可不可以愛我 [With Lyrics]

成全不是美德 拒绝也不是一种罪过

你能给我 快乐还是寂寞

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hmm.. this week's been alittle slack.. got2 go do hw ..

nth much.. will post funny vids nxt time.. Haha

been playing wif facebook quizes and typing maniac..

sian.. this week and next week got GP at tues and thurs from 5-6.. means i will miss my piano 2 weeks in a row.. DIE. sure kana from tchr.. I tink nxt mon oso hav.. WHY!! ok.. fine.. i noe why.. every1 did very badly for GP...

Must rmb to face reality and dun dwell in fantasy

kung fu baby

AHAHAHA Marcus send to me to watch..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wooohhooo just finish chi oral..
Question is: What do you tink of Students going overseas for immersion prog?
I didnt understand immersion prog in chinese but i noe its sumthin bout "students going overseas to learn stuff" Duno why but i decidded nt to ask the ques again..then i juz said like its good cuz students can learn other ppl's culture, method of teaching then cn learn from them.. Etc.. Blah and some erm here and there.. I duno whether it was ok.. Hav to see results then. Dont tink about it ba.. haiz.. Moving on.. Moving on...

JUNE hols update
1st week-Tried to complete hw but didnt evn finish them
2nd week-Academic Week. Was sick also..
3rd week-Sick again!
4th week-Study like mad for SA...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Speak English Please!

lol.. im finding these kind of stupid vids on youtube at?? 1.58am.. Oh man.. gt 2 sleep soon

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TVB - 鐵甲無敵獎門人 - 節目精華 - 金剛抵死自爆熱愛波濤胸湧 (TVB Channel)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yesterday went to school for pw consultation, then when to eat subway wif Becky, Marcus, Gabriel, Daryl.. We went to Gabriel's hse then we played Tumbling Monkeys and Boogle! laughed until very sleepy.. Felt like a little kid.. play until too tired then my head alr lying down on the bed while sitting on the floor
Later we went to marcus hse take badminton rackets.. wow! his hse so clean and big.. like ready to go there sleep over next time..

We went off to Siglap CC and rushed like mad .. then later benjamin and alicia and wei lin joined us and we played badminton for 2hrs till 5.30pm..

Went to parkway mall for dinner.. but first, we were nt hungry yet so we went to the bookstore.. then we went to children's section..

TERRORIST haha we played arnd wif chicken little
Then we slack arnd, walk arnd stores then in the end left arnd 10.15pm!!
reached home arnd 11.30pm..
Slept for 12hrs and woke up at 12.30pm today..
Still so tired!! Too exhausted...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wah seh, this hols already pass 5 days (include sat & sun) but i nv do anything except do 4 reading logs, play com, trying to compile exam stuff to put into timetable, watch alot of tv... OH man, reali got 2 buck up soon.. nxt week is academic week! alot of hw to pass up.. if i wanna go out better start studying..

Wad else... hmmm..

Btw, the baby biscuit on the left is very NICE!! sweet and crunchy.. expensive if i rmb.. from mediya.. me and my sis see then buy immediately..
The ice cream on the right is also DELICIOUS!! from gelato, brown side is hazelnut and light brown is milk tea (YUP, milk tea! reali nice)
woohooo! todae I finally got the spongebob file from my sis..wahahaha..lolx had to buy her a new one for it.. ($2.90).. Ya i know childish.. but it wasnt easy to get it

[KTV][HQ] 梁靜茹 - 沒有如果 (敗犬女王主題曲)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Integrative Biology 131 - Lecture 01: Organization of Body

Read it in Time magazine about her (marian diamond), a great lecturer... I listen until 27mins and im falling asleep.. Maybe becuz i cant read her handwritting/not used to her voice/sleepy cuz she write very slow and erase very slow.. Well, this might be useful if i study further bio.. or human anatomy..

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just opened a bottle of 2007 french red wine on sat night.. i tot "2007 sure nothing big la" but then not true lei, the wine burns ur throat and stomache... Drank half a cup but face never really red, just felt burning and got rashes..

So, i experiment todae again, afternoon drink little bit but dun hav rashes...
At night i drink arnd 1/3 cup , now got rashes but shuld be due to hot weather...

Do not wish to be allergic to alcohol..

Wow, just realised tat i spent almost 12hrs on PW in 2 days!! T_T got to start on other subject tmr.. haiz... *trying to love studying*

Quote of the day:
In the game of love, there are no rules. Just like this world, there is no strange love, just strange people.

Nice quote, just finish a few episodes of E.U.. wah so tired.. going to eat dinner (no dinner so eat cereal and bread ba.. haha)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ok about this week ah... Super fast lei, and super fun oso.. Super fun everyday cuz laughing everyday.. Oh wells, JUNE HOLIDAY LE!! Wahahaha and Er.. haha?
next week is CCA week -for cca . i have cca on Tues . 2 hrs..
2nd week: ACADEMIC week.. Almost everyday is normal school hrs.. got 8-4 kind of days, 10-4, etc.. Cause cannot finish some stuff and for consultations.. GRRR!! its like eating 2 weeks for some ppl.. then for every1 is eat 1 week.. after june hols IMMEDIATELY SA exams.. Super worried..

Todae juz did PW online on msn from 10.15-4+... then i continue my part until 6+.. Super tired.. AhhhhhhH!!! first things 1st: i got to plan out june hol timetable, get all my academic week timings written down properly.. ok! this hols i tink i only planning 4 days to go out..


Wah this week has been super duper fast.. an update on last week..

When my group go do PW.. realli playing everytime!! Milk Tea... haha Gabriel, Alicia and me bought then Alicia drink until half then cannot take it.. Gabriel drink within like 10secs??? And its not even chilled.. not as nice.. ok, its still not say very nice even when chilled..

(Gabriel wasnt interested in taking a picture with us so he took his milk tea away.. )

(HAHA it was super funny, the 2nd time we went airport, we found a powerplug then later both me and alicia never put our laptop batt plug inside then battery start depleting-later then we realise and laughed about it)

Benjamin, Wei Lin, Siti was there again and we ate dinner b4 leaving.. Some pics:

(super funny, like tourists like that)

Last fri was EDURACE (each class had to prepare a classroom as a booth for secondary/pri school students coming to our school) My class booth was Military Defence...
We had a powerpoint presentation(i was 1 of the presenters) We prepared for many hrs, dry run over and over.. IN the end?? only 1 group of students came.. O_O weird.. then close the booth at 5pm..
Our booth was presentation, one maze (juz a S shape made of chairs but very fun when ure blindfolded) then we threw leaves everywhere.. Then the WHOLE air-con class was SMELLY.. becuz of someone's leaves...
Overall it was SUPER SUPER FUN! We waited for the ppl to arrive then while waiting, the 2nd shift ppl (im inside 2nd shift) watch retarded funny videos on youtube and laughed like siao..
Then came cleaning up time!!

(haha cleaners!! Becky, Gabriel (wearing green) and Wei Lin )

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't judge too quickly (part5)

Don't Judge Too Quickly We Won't

ok all 5 of it.. Hilarious

Misunderstanding - Don't judge too quickly

Don't judge too quickly


Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello! Ok i know i was really emo from yesterday for really stupid reasons X_X.. Recovering from emo-ness and back to happi-ness!! Emo/Feeling sad/another name is not feeling very happy... really sucks!! Remind myself to never be so emo for nothing/anything.. MUST be POSITIVE!! POSITIVE ENERGY!! HAHAHA... reminds me of youth camp..

Im nt always this emo ok?? 99.9% of the time happy..
Olivia's happiness clinic: Open 24 hours, 365 days.. lolx.. ok nth to say.. hm.. blah blah.. *blank*

I will try to always be happy and retarded

Olivia likes to call people nowadays.. will die down soon, so if ya wanna chat, tell me! (hotline open to friends only) ok wadever la! retarded!!

Happy to have wad i have. SEEK CONTENTMENT!

I feel like writting a diary so nxt time can look back and laugh at my own stupidity / maybe getting a separate private blog but im juz sooo lazy..


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I glanced onto todae's TPJC quote of the day..

Silence is the real conversation between friends. It is not the said but the not needing to be said that matters most.
I tink its really true.. cool quote.. but how many of this is true?? haha cuz im a talkative person..
Thats all for todae.. really tired

Friday, May 8, 2009

方力申 Alex Fong - 在你遙遠的附近 KTV

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

yoooozzz?? suppppp!

sian! i slept at 2 wake up 5.30 cuz of bio test.. spend all the time copying notes.. shuldnt hav procrasinated during the long weekend.. see la! now im super tired.. lucky tmr not a long day.. so got less hw , can sleep arnd 10.30pm.. yeah!

talking about last friday- labor day

Went to my grandma hse to celebrate her bdae & had LOADS AND LOADS of fun.. nv had so much fun with the whole family (with relatives etc..) in a long while.. Hearing funny comments from newphews like when we were taking a family picture, when we wanna take summore pics he say : "huh? still taking ah? " then everyone laughed.. oh wells, it was so nice..

Then later, proceeded to my dad's church frend hse near the beach.. we played badminton and until now hand abit aching.. Haha was also quite fun! too bad i had to complete alot of hw after reaching home.. spoil the day.. so tired that night..

things are looking up!